Forgotten Islands


The Landscape and Marine Life

Starting with muck dives, crossing the Banda Sea, and tracing the perimeter of islands. Let our experienced crew show you those almost untouched locations with wonderful reefs and stunning drop-offs. Marine life is in abundance from critters, sea snakes, manta rays, sharks and school of hammerhead and much more. Frequently, whales might be spotted from the surface. You will also be able to spot the rare Mandarin Fish around Banda Neira, performing their mating ritual at night.

The landscape and coral islands alternate with rock formation covered with a green layer, giving our passage from Asia to Oceania an almost unreal magic. We refer here to biological borders that sometimes are quite different from geographical borders. The dry season starts in this region in September and goes until end of March; however, rainfall can be expected throughout the year. 


The Itinerating Route

Aurora sails around several islands, such as Ambon, Nusa Laut, Molana, Banda Neira, Manuk, Damar and Saumlaki. This cruise is offered from Ambon to Saumlaki or from Saumlaki to Ambon and includes 11 nights, we will overnight almost every day in a different bay.


The Reef

The reefs on this cruise are all very beautiful. We will come across both sloping reefs and vertical walls. We will also see and dive around coral drop-offs and coral reefs with deep laying coral walls.

$ 420 / Night